Live Like Royalty

July 5, 2011

But Don’t Get Stuck on Your Throne

You may feel like royalty post-surgery, with the wonderful post-operative care you receive in the hospital and once you go home. With so many people attending to your every need, want and concern one could get used to that kind of treatment.  And while the royal treatment will eventually come to an end, you may find yourself spending considerable time on your throne…the flushable one that is.

Some patients experience an abundance of bathroom related issues, and others do not.  Should you have bathroom problems have no fear, diarrhea, gassiness, and constipation are all easily controlled by diet.  Diarrhea is a very real concern after any weight loss surgery procedure, especially because of the increased risk of dehydration. In most cases, diarrhea appears within the first week after surgery and then resolves itself. However, should it prove to be chronic and linger longer than anticipated, talk to your doctor.

Gas can be a bit more embarrassing because it comes on without warning. You may be sitting with friends and accidentally toot. But it is not just the sound, it is the smell too! Bad smelling gas is caused by food that reaches the colon after only being partially broken down in the stomach and small intestine.

If you feel that your bathroom problems are getting in the way of your everyday activities, speak to your doctor and dietitian to see how to alleviate some of the gastrointestinal issues through diet modification.

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