Drinking Water is a Key to Maintain a Healthy BMI

June 20, 2011

After weight loss surgery, kissing soda and carbonated beverages goodbye is not easy.  Here are some health risks to consider and tips to help you keep your weight loss goals and your BMI headed in the right direction.

Soda and carbonated beverages have air bubbles which causes gas and uncomfortable bloating of the stomach pouch. This is especially uncomfortable for those who have had gastric bypass or have a tight band. There is also far too much sugar in regular soda and fruit drinks which can cause dumping and adds unnecessary calories. Post-surgery it is important to make sure you are getting the recommended daily amounts of protein and other nutrients. Your gastric pouch can only hold so much, so you do not want to fill that premium space with air and sugar from carbonated drinks and high calorie fruit juice.

Some tips to make sure you do not fill up and miss out on necessary nutrients at mealtime include:

–          Not drinking 30 minutes before or after eating as this will flush food through the stomach pouch too quickly meaning your body does not have enough time to absorb the nutrients.

–          Drink lots of water throughout the day. Drinking water continuously will help you feel full longer resulting in a lower likelihood of overeating.

–          Avoid caffeinated beverages which can cause stomach irritation, dehydration and over-stimulation of the heart.

Water is going to be your best ally after weight loss surgery.  Not only is it beneficial for hydration, it promotes kidney health and helps rid the body of waste.

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