Protein and Bariatric Surgery

May 18, 2011

After undergoing bariatric surgery, patients will want to eat foods that keep them full and allow them to burn fat more efficiently too. That’s where protein comes in. Patients will be instructed to consume plenty of the stuff, but which foods are high in protein? Chicken, beef, nuts eggs and beans, are prepared as part of a low calorie, low fat meal are top choices. Protein shakes work great too.

Foods high in protein are harder for the body to digest which forces it to burn more fat and aids in metabolism. Also, those same foods are slow to move between the stomach and the intestines which can help avoid dumping syndrome or other discomfort, especially for gastric bypass patients. Protein rich foods also have a slow, steady effect on blood sugar – there’s less of a chance of sugar spikes after consuming protein. This helps you to feel fuller both faster and longer.

Why is this important to someone who has had bariatric surgery? Caloric intake after surgery is limited, so patients need to have the foods that make them feel full. Protein is the key!

In order to feel their best, patients should make sure they have plenty of protein.  It offers energy and fullness, which assists in weight loss. Of course, always speak to a dietitian to make sure that any protein rich diet fits well into their post-operative plan. It is important that patients follow their post surgical direction closely as each plan is different.

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