The Weight Loss Surgery Team

April 20, 2011

In the end it is your surgeon who will perform your weight loss surgery. But the team around him or her is crucial to your success after surgery. An entire surgical staff is mobilized to assist you with your weight loss surgery journey – making sure you are fully prepared before surgery and ready for the big changes after surgery.

Weight loss surgery is a huge decision that requires a new outlook on health and lifestyle. That means your mental health will be as important as your physical health.  A psychologist will work with you before and after your surgery to provide you with the necessary skills and coping mechanisms to overcome any hurdle you may face.

Patients are required to follow a strict diet before and after surgery and a nutritionist or dietician can help formulate a new diet plan and provide you with sound nutritional information to ensure your surgery is a success. Following a new diet plan is not easy, but working together helps.

A nurse practitioner is an RN who has obtained additional advanced education and training. These nurses work directly with the surgeon to create pre and post-op wellness plans for each patient. They will become an integral part of your weight loss journey.

A bariatric coordinator is the day-to-day contact with the patient.  Many coordinators lead support groups and are a great resource, as they have worked with hundreds of patients in the past and can answer almost any questions you may have.

As you evaluate your surgeon, don’t forget their team. It is this team that you will utilize and rely on both before and after surgery.

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