Smoking after Weight Loss Surgery

April 4, 2011

Before weight loss surgery, Dr. Muhammad Feteiha will tell you to quit smoking at three months before surgery. This is because it takes 30 days for your lungs to heal, and non-smokers have fewer complications during surgery and heal faster after surgery. If you have already had the surgery and contemplating smoking again, the best advice is don’t!

The most important reason is rooted in common sense. You just had a life changing procedure with the eventual purpose of improving your health and resolving your obesity related disease. Returning to smoking would run counter to that goal.

Smoking results shortness of breath and after surgery you will start exercising more. The combination will mean less effective exercise routines.  By smoking you are reducing your chances of optimum weight loss if you are not able to exercise and move around as much as is necessary. Smoking can also lead to infection, gastritis (inflamed stomach lining), inflammation and ulceration of the pouch.

Studies have found that those with diabetes who smoke have a higher risk of heart attacks and strokes. Unfortunately, diabetes affects many overweight people and combined with obesity has even more serious consequences. If you have diabetes or are border line, smoking will increase your chances of strokes or heart attacks. Quitting smoking on the other hand can reduce your risk of a heart attack almost immediately.

Now that you are making huge changes and improving your quality of life, it may be time to consider quitting smoking for good. There are many ways to quit. Talk to your doctor and find the plan that works best for you.

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