How to Eat Out After Weight Loss Surgery

March 22, 2011

There’s no doubt that one of the hardest parts of your post-weight loss surgery plan of action is modifying your diet. There is no lack of restaurants around us all, and sometimes temptation gets the best of us. But, our diets after weight loss surgery do not have to be dull and tasteless. Indeed, by following just a few easy tips, bariatric patients can shave hundreds of calories off their restaurant meal and stay on track toward their goals all while enjoying an indulgence.

  1. Avoid high-fat, high-calorie dressing and sauces. Oftentimes, it is these accompaniments that contain the vast majority of the calories in the dish. Rather than choosing the full-fat dressings and dipping sauces, opt for the lower-calorie version, or for your salad, try oil and vinegar on the side.
  2. Stay away from alcohol and soft drinks with your meal. Alcoholic beverages and sodas generally contain a large number of empty calories and plenty of sugar that can derail your weight loss progress.  Further, fizzy drinks can cause a great deal of discomfort in the gastric pouch. No matter where you’re going, it’s a good idea to drink plenty of water about 45 minutes before your meal.
  3. Bring a friend, share a plate. Splitting a dish with your friend has obvious benefits, but even if you’re eating alone, you can ask for a to-go container before you eat. This means you’ll eat half of your meal today and have the rest left over to enjoy tomorrow.
  4. Watch out for hidden calories. Many restaurants brush their meats, such a beef or chicken, with butter before bringing them to the table.  Ask your server to have the kitchen skip this step and you’ll shave off plenty of calories.
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