Getting in Pre-Op Shape

March 24, 2011

Getting in pre-op shape is very important to the safety of the patient and success of the surgery. So why would a patient need to get in shape before having surgery? Isn’t the surgery itself the tool to lose weight? Yes, weight loss surgery is a tool but it is also major surgery. A patient will always want to be in the best shape possible before a surgery, regardless of what type of procedure. The body needs to heal and complications arise from extreme obesity. That means the healthier the patient, going into surgery, the better chance for a successful surgery and normal and rapid healing.

Getting in pre-op shape consists of diet, exercise and mental health.

Some patients, depending on their circumstance may be asked to lose up to 15 percent of their excess body weight before surgery. Each patient is different, so their weight loss surgeon will determine their best course of action. The surgeon may also ask patients to consult with a nutritionist. This will help the patient start on a diet that will consist of limited carbohydrates and increased protein and liquids. Patients will also be required to stop smoking and stop drinking alcohol.

Exercise is also key in getting into pre-op shape. Losing body fat is useful for the surgery, especially in the abdominal section where the surgery takes places. Patients can try taking a walk, riding a bicycle or playing with their pets or their kids. Moving around will help!

Being prepared mentally for surgery is also crucial. Weight loss surgery will have a huge impact on a patient’s life. The weight loss surgeon will work with the patient to build the tools necessary to prepare mentally for the surgery.

The path before and after bariatric surgery is filled with exciting and wonderful experiences and achievements. Just remember to mitigate some of the surgical risk by getting in pre-op shape.

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