Walking and Exercise after Lap-Band Surgery

February 22, 2011

When recovering from Lap-Band® surgery is very important that patients begin to walk as soon as possible after surgery.  Obesity, and the resulting diseases associated with it (especially type-2 diabetes) can cause poor circulation in the body which hinders recovery and can allow infection to set in. Walking, even if for only a few minutes, can help fight off infection and speed the recovery process.

After surgery, when given clearance by the medical staff, patients should get up and walk as much as they can; until they feel fatigued. They should not, however, over exert themselves as this could cause complications after surgery.

In the longer-term exercise is a critically important part of the patient success. After surgery, Lap-Band® patients that combined diet with a regular exercise program have been shown to achieve greater weight loss than patients who remain sedentary.

Weight loss surgery is not a magic bullet – rather it is only a tool to help patients in their journey to lose weight. It is therefore very important that what a patient does after the procedure, especially exercise, works in conjunction with the procedure itself. Patients will not lose weight if they are not committed to changing their lifestyle too.

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