What Is Dumping Syndrome?

December 27, 2010

Dumping syndrome is a somewhat common problem that affects those that have undergone gastric bypass surgery. Dumping occurs when food and water pass through the stomach and into the intestine too quickly, causing nausea, dizziness, vomiting and general discomfort in the patient. It can also cause ow blood sugar, or hypoglycemia.

It usually occurs when a weight loss surgery patient consumes high-fat, high sugar-foods, which should be avoided after weight loss surgery and especially after gastric bypass. Dumping can occur immediately after a meal, a few hours after or meal or both.

The best way to avoid dumping syndrome is to follow your dietician’s plan closely. It is also important to avoid drinking during a meal, especially carbonated beverages, as this may worsen the effects of dumping syndrome. Drink between meals instead.

While, dumping is very uncomfortable, it is generally not a life-threatening disorder, however please contact 911 if you believe you are having a medical emergency. We can usually diagnose dumping syndrome by evaluating the symptoms, however by monitoring how the food you consume passes through your gastrointestinal tract, we can make a definitive conclusion.

Should you wish to to learn more about dumping syndrome and other risks and considerations of gastric bypass surgery, please contact our office.

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