Thanksgiving ideas for Gastric Bypass Surgery Patients

November 22, 2010

The Thanksgiving holiday is a struggle for the millions of Americans who are trying to lose weight and even more so for those who have just had bariatric surgery and specifically gastric bypass surgery. For those who just had gastric bypass, it is important they follow their diet, prescribed by their surgical practice on Thanksgiving day.

So how does a bariatric surgery patient avoid the temptations of a holiday that revolves around high calorie food? It’s not easy but here are some strategies:

  1. An upbeat attitude and positive outlook can work wonders in and of itself. Remember that Thanksgiving is a great time to see family and friends – it’s not all about the food.
  2. Implement the coping strategies you learned in your support group to avoid overeating. If you need to speak to a fellow support group member, now is the time to call them. They can give you their tricks that help them get through the big meal.
  3. Try asking for the menu in advance and plan out your meal. There is plenty you can eat and it will be nice to know what that is in advance. You’ll be able to pace yourself through the meal and still enjoy it.
  4. Let your family and friends know about your new diet – they will know to limit the number of high-calorie, high fat and high sugar dishes they offer you.
  5. Finally, the day of the meal, don’t starve yourself – this will only make you want to eat more. Have normal meals during the day and drink plenty of water about an hour before dinner. This will hydrate you and fill you up just enough to avoid a few calories.

To end your day, take a nice long walk and burn off some of those calories, enjoy the conversation and the company and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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