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The Benefits of Gastric Bypass

November 29, 2010

Gastric bypass is widely considered the gold standard in bariatric surgery because of its exceptional results and patient safety. Because of the gastric bypass’ unique restrictive and malabsorptive characteristics, patients who undergo the procedure tend to lose more weight, more … Continue reading

Thanksgiving ideas for Gastric Bypass Surgery Patients

November 22, 2010

The Thanksgiving holiday is a struggle for the millions of Americans who are trying to lose weight and even more so for those who have just had bariatric surgery and specifically gastric bypass surgery. For those who just had gastric bypass, … Continue reading

Eating After Lap Band Surgery

November 3, 2010

Weight loss isn’t a sprint, it’s an endurance competition – even after weight loss surgery. Losing weight takes time, and one of the most important adjustments after Lap Band surgery is learning how to eat the right way – for … Continue reading

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