Is That a Nutritionist in Your Pocket?

October 15, 2010

There’s an app for whatever you are doing. You can balance your checkbook while waiting for your food to be brought to your table. You can find out about and download the song you just heard on the radio. And now, you can track how many calories you have consumed and how many calories you burned on the treadmill with apps like LoseIt.

An article in the New York Times recently touched on the topic. Smartphones, such as the Blackberry and iPhone, have allowed users to run their entire lives from their phone. And now, the apps that we download on to your phone, allow us to have our own nutritionist between appointments. Don’t have a smartphone? You can use your iPod or iPad too.

There are many benefits to these apps. They allow us to track everything they consume. In a way, the app is making us accountable for what we are eating. Since a balanced, controlled diet is one of the most important factors in weight loss, these apps give us an easy way to calculate our caloric intake.

Exercise is also an important factor in weight loss after surgery. These apps allow users to track how many calories they are burning by walking, running, swimming, etc. While the apps cannot give the users the exact amount of calories burned, it does give them a general idea which can help in caloric planning.

While an app can’t lose weight for you, it can help you monitor your results and help keep you on track. While researchers have not had the proper amount of time to research the effects of apps, if they work for you, why not try it? Of course nothing will supplant support groups and your nutritionist’s guidance as the best advance you can get. this is simple a tool in an ever growing arsenal available to those seeking to lose weight.


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