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Gallbladder Surgery (Cholecystectomy)

Gallbladder surgery, also known as a cholecystectomy, is the process in which the gallbladder is removed. Gallbladder surgery is most often performed because of stones, which can form in the gallbladder as well as the common bile duct, causing significant discomfort and pain.

A cholecystectomy is now most often performed in a minimally invasive manner, using tiny incisions in the abdomen and allowing the surgeon to access the gallbladder with specially made surgical tools including a high definition camera called a laparoscope.

In certain cases, a special x-ray process called a cholangiogram will be performed during surgery. The surgeon will inject contrast dye into the common bile duct to see if there are any additional stones. If additional stones are found in the common bile duct, the surgeon may not be able to remove them as part of the minimally invasive procedure. At that point, the surgeon could decide to convert the surgery to an open procedure in order to remove those stones along with the gallbladder,

Symptoms of Gallstones

  • Significant recurrence of indigestion
  • Infection of the gallbladder
  • Serious nausea or vomiting attributed to gallbladder stones
  • and significant abdominal pain

Next Steps

In preparation for gallbladder surgery, patients will be evaluated in order to determine if they are candidates for the laparoscopic approach. There is a possibility, as with any laparoscopic surgery, that the procedure will have to be converted to an open procedure during surgery.

Patients who are having gallstone attacks should speak to a qualified laparoscopic surgeon such as those at Advanced Surgical Associates to understand more about qualification criteria. Please speak to our office to learn more about gallbladder removal.

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